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This group is centered around historical and creatively inspired fantasy costumes, without a narrow focus on historical accuracy or sewing required - NO FANART or non-original COSPLAY please. See the rules below:


This group is primarily for artists who take creative inspiration from a love of historical costumes and clothing. The key is your love of costumes and your own creativity! Being completely historically accurate or intending to make your design reality is not necessary. You won't be rejected for adding wings on or putting buttons in the wrong place. Please submit your image to the most correct category.

Rules for ART:
- Picture should feature character wearing clothing/costume drawn by you.
- Costume design does not have to be the focus of the picture - i.e interesting costumes within a larger illustration are fine, as long as it is clearly visible, and not a tiny figure in the background.
- No fanart - We want you to be creative and come up with the character's outfit on your own. Illustrations of literary characters or concepts from mythology are OK.

- Costume should not be mass-produced/store bought [No cheap halloween costumes] . You should have some involvement in designing it, modeling, or photographing it for the designer. Well done, artistic photography of costumes not fitting those rules will be accepted at mod's discretion.
- No blurry photos or low quality cel phone camera photos. Dark photos with bad lighting, or photos with cluttered backgrounds may not be approved. (Your messy bedroom is not the best place to take a good photo)
- If you have a series of photos pick the best instead of submitting multiples.

- No costumes made from existing visual character designs [games, movies, anime]

- Costumes designed on your own for literary characters descriptions are OK (that means not copying official cover art).
- Costumes made from character concepts from mythology or history or OK.

- You must have done something to the character's costume to make it your own. Using the stock model's costume as is with a new background doesn't count. It helps if you have links to what you used.
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1,053 Members
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Is NO COSPLAY or fanart. It's in bold in the rules, but many artists do not look at them before submitting. It helps to put in your description details like what your costume is based and how you made it, because I am not familiar with everything character under the sun. Sometimes I can't tell, and artists don't answer where I comment to clarify.

Just to be clear this means:

NO if
- You made a costume from an anime, game, movie, tv,  musical or commericial character
- I can google the character's name and your costume looks like the same design in the pictures that come up, you didn't design it.
- You drew fanart and didn't design your own costume for the character
- You're wearing clothes from a commercial company

YES if
- Original costume for for a book character where you made your own design
- Historical or Mythological figures (such as Greek Gods etc)
- Fanart character where you designed a new costume for them (it also helps if you state in the description)
- You are modeling for the designer and you personally know them (i.e. taking photos for their portfolio)

*I'm also taking volunteers for more mods.*
For now the categories are:

Steampunk - Imagine science fiction in a historical culture. Most popular Steampunk is based in victorian England with steam and gear power machinery.

Asian - Inspired by Japan, China, Korea, Vietnam, and other Asian groups etc. Fashions include Kimono, Hanfu, Qipao, Cheongsam, Hanbok, Ao Dai.

Fantasy - You submit here if your image is a fantastical mix of various historical influences, or is based on concepts outside history, such as nature. For example a character designed as a water elemental would go here if your main influence is water. Fantasy characters do not have to go here if their costumes are based on specific periods.

18th Century - Rococo, American Colonial dress

19th Century - Regency/Neo Classical, American Civil War Era, Victorian [No Steampunk here]

Edwardian - Early 19th century fashion, Art Nouveau and Aesthetic dress

Medieval - 400-1400

Renaissance - 1400-1600

European Ethnic costumes - Traditional costumes from European countries - Russia, Germany, France, Hungary etc

Elegant Gothic Lolita - Japanese Street fashion original inspired by Victorian and Rococo dresses.

Middle Eastern - Persion, Indian and other Middle East countries. Think 1001 Arabian Nights.

Ancient cultures - Submit all ancient Greek, Egyptian, Roman, Minoan etc here.

Science Fiction - Futuristic costume designs
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If you dont have anything against it I would like to affiliate our groups.


My newborn group is specialised on high detailed military illustrations and it will host only the finest deviations and most talented artists.


EsterNeverRest Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2015  New member Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Thank you for the submissions! :) 
NuisanceBearEull Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2014
I just had a submission expire after a month. This is the third time in a row this has happened to me. Is this group still functioning? Someone please get back to me.

I hope everyone is okay!
BelovedUnderwing Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2014  Professional General Artist
Yes, we're still here. Sorry for the expiration. I can only speak for myself on this one, but personal life has been very busy as of late. Please submit again and I will keep and eye out for them.
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That's cool. I'm just glad everyone is okay!
Thanks for getting back to me, and this one was already requested and in the group. :heart:
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Yes, I'm still here :) Sorry about that. I think I'm the only admin accepting so sometimes it doesn't get looked at soon enough.
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It's cool! I am the only voting admin in one of my groups, too. I'm glad everyone is okay! :heart:
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Mostly me just forgetting to login -_-
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If I was to have something that was a set of different eras, were should it be placed? 

The work is here, if it helps:…
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Just pick one of the Eras you have in there :)
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